T’ai Chi Ch’uan

this page was written & relevant as of Summer 2019
Tai Chi Chuan Course

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T’ai Chi Ch’uan Form

Wu Family Style
General Information on Wu Family T’ai Chi Chuan

Henny Eleonora
Teaching!! at 
Shaolin Temple Luohan Yuan 2018 (video)
(also taking the chance for some own practice …. Sifu is aged mid-50’s)

Last weekend August (30/31 -1 Sep) 2019
with meetings every 3 weekends
(2019: 30/8-1/9; 20-22/9; 11-13/10; 1-3/11; 22-24/11; 13-15/12)

1,000 SEK for each weekend
Friday Evening, Saturday & Sunday
= 10 hours teaching & training
(2nd  family member: 650; + child > 12: 500 etc.)
Registration: Commitment to the first x 2 weekends
(click for registration information)

Danssal, Campusgymmet
Örebro University

Registration & Payment Details
Email      onyx@purpleonyx.net
Strictly Limited Space

Wu Family T’ai Chi Örebro Facebook
Become friends with Xuan-Miao Ren for uptodate info

Wu Family Lineage
Liu Caichen 劉彩臣先生

                Teacher’s Lineage (first draft)

108 Movements
 Lineage Text 
(Sifu:´90% similar/some movements different`)
Importance of Preservation
 Moving East to West (video) 

Why this particular form ?
Does it suit me ?

Traditional Approach to Teaching
is nurturing the Individual


For all my patients
I can not emphasis enough the enormous possibility being offered
This will be an integrated part of my new activities based around
Well-being, Personal Evolution and Longevity

This class will not be repeated !!
we begin the form August 2019.
Please jump in now,
don’t miss the beginning ….

and then Continuation ….
Meetings every 3  weekends 
classes will be ongoing as needed to learn the complete form
(Plan on 18 – 24 months !   with pause during Xmas & Summer)

With a commitment from Sifu* Eleonora  
*Honourable name for teacher in Chinese

to make regular visits for continued development,
the longer vision, or continuation, would be :

  • Long Form:              108 movements for Health & Well-Being, taught now 
  • Self-Defense & Martial Arts Application:  of this Wu Family Long Form
  • Fast Form:  of this Wu Family Long Form
  • Ba Gua Zhang: soft Style for Health; lineage of T.Y.Pang, Henny’s father-in-law
  • Special Qi Gong Forms  … as in special, special from teachers in China

That should cover up to about 10 years plus of training
But let’s begin with the first season of classes and go from there !