Pushing Hands

Pushing Hands Tui Shou Course
this page was written & relevant as of Winter 2019 -20 
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                    What is ´Pushing Hands`  :   Tui Shou     (Wikipedia link)
Pushing Hands  is the application of  the skills learnt in the Internal Martial Arts,
especially from T’ai Chi Ch’uan, but also Pa Kua Chang & others

when one does not engage in martial combat.

Practised as a two-persons training, with the aim to ´unroot` or unbalance
your opponent through negating or redirecting their oncoming force.
A seemingly ´simple` exercise of balance, proprioception, co-ordination and reflexivity,
is very quickly recognised as an art which requires a range of highly refined skills:

´Stance,  root,  sensing,  movement,  agility,  firmness,  press,  yielding.
Centre, forward, backwards, left step, right step.
Ward-off,  Roll-back,  Press,  Push,  Grasp,  Split,  Elbow Strike,  Shoulder Strike`

It is an expression of the mastery of ones Ch’i development.
The pinnacle of which is the emitting of internal force with mind intention,
so that with seemingly little movement, powerful force is sent out .
Please see such below ´In the Hands of the Masters`


Why practice this skill ?
One trains the body in balance, proprioception, co-ordination;
sensitivity, gentleness, fluidity, agility;
strength, firmness, receptivity, yielding.

One develops awareness, presence, sensitivity, alertness;
learns to be comfortable , secure, confident with close bodily interaction;
trains a soft, but definite method of self-defense in order to neutralise light attack,
and to be assertive to distance or free oneself from hagglers and trolls !!


Why this particular style ?
One could say that Sifu has developed this style of Tui Shou
through decades of personal training in different styles … and from fighting !!
(Not just in competition! Sifu was ´cage fighting`in Hong Kong, before it was invented)

                  The basics are the same as any approach  (see Wiki link above)
However, as Sifu’s root T’ai Chi Ch’uan Form is  Liu Caichen Wu Family Form, which emphasises
´root & sitting deep; turning from the waist with bigger movements and open or longer arm`
the stances, techniques and posturing taught will express those characteristics;
and as it is ´a more dynamic style of T’ai Chi Ch’uan`
the practice and exercises will be with more outward movement and power.


Who trains this ?
Is it for me ?
Develop receptivity, fluidity, agility;
reactivity of the NS
non-reactivity of the NS
keeping presence, space, position.

Develop sensitivity, awareness, receptivity;

presence, confidence,  determination;
boundaries, definiteness, assertiveness.

Sifu has developed a special series of warm-up/stretching exercises,
specifically for the practice of Pushing Hands


Why offer Pa Kua Chang & Tui Shou together ?
Pa Kua Chang brings training, fitness, health, well-being, positivity;
dynamic movement,  technique, suppleness, speed, agility.
´One develops presence, attention, alertness and proprioception`. 

Pushing-Hands Training gives awareness of self to others & environment;
interaction, self-defence, confidence, spontaneity in action & reaction.
´It becomes the application of the learnt movement of the autonomic nervous system to the outer world;
at higher levels of Chi attainment inner force can be emitted` 


Some Video Clips 

Push Hands Training Örebro Autumn 2019
Tai Chi Chuan Class, our first steps !!
Push Hands Training Explanation #1
Push Hands Training Explanation #2
Push Hands Training Niklas tries with Sifu
Push Hands Training Anna with Sifu
Push Hands Training : 5 different forms !!

Other Pushing Hands Training with Sifu Eleonora
Sifu shows Pushing Hand Techniques, sitting plus student
Sifu explains Pushing Hand Techniques, Chinese practitioners, China

and after many years of practice, in the hands of a Master …
Internal Push-Hands – Zhang Yong Liang, age 83
Internal Push-Hands – Zhang Yong Liang #2
Internal Push-Hands – Zhang Yong Liang #3
Internal Push-Hands Cao Feng Qi #1
And having trained Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu now for 6 months,
I am pretty sure he can do some of this, but would never say it or even show it !!
Well, sometimes, when showing movements in the class, one receives about 10% effect …

and in the movies
Modern Chinese Drama
Tarantino : Kill Bill Vol.2 . Remember ?
(OK! its more about explosive emission of Qi …., but its fun)

The Teacher
Henny Eleonora

Wu Shu Competition
City of Tai Ji, Chenjiagou, China October 2019
This is a competition of the best practitioners from whole of China.
It is rare, or unknown, to allow Westerner’s to enter the competition
Sifu won both of the groups
in which he competed (over 50’s)
Liu CaiChen Wu Family Fast Form
Wu Style Tai Chi Lance (Long Spear) Form

The Lineage
Wu Family Lineage
Liu Caichen 劉彩臣先生
                    Teacher’s Lineage     (first draft)

Importance of Preservation
 Moving East to West (video) 

Course Meetings
Beginning 14 February 2020
Friday Evenings    18.30 – 20.10 *   once each month
Dates: 14/2; 13/3; 17/4; 15/5; 12/6.
*This training is intensive, we takes break as necessary!!
Video of the movements learnt is posted after each class for home study !!

Push Hands                             5 Meetings                             1 500:-
Pa Kua Chang                           5 Meetings                            3 000:-
Pa Kua + Push Hands             5 + 5 Meetings                        4 000:-

Danssal, Campusgymmet
Örebro University

Registration & Payment Details
Email      onyx@purpleonyx.net
Strictly Limited Space 
But welcome to come together with a partner !!

Pushing Hands Tui Shou Facebook Page
To keep uptodate with latest news & information

Connection to Longevity Medicine
As I move into the Autumn period of my own life
and after 30 plus years of the study and practice of medicine.
My interest and work move into a different form of medicine:
those of maintenance & deeper resolution,  rather than prevention & healing

Together with the needs for regularity in daily habits,
peace of mind, purpose of life, together with a deeper insight into oneself
a body-mind which is not only healthy,
but is able to still maintain itself, re-nourish itself and even re-generate itself
is an essential for the continuation of  vitality with ageing.

This is what is known as Longevity in Chinese Culture & Daoist Medicine
This is what the regular practice of the ´Internal Health Arts` help to achieve.
Please take time to read this short dialogue thoroughly 
Medicine as maintenance for health & well being

And book a consultation today !!

Commitment from Sifu Eleonora
Sifu is committed to making regular visits for the continued development of the group
and in order to pass over these arts to students.
The Liu Caichen Wu Tai Chi Chuan group will continue  on a monthly basis through 2020 & 2021,
so as will the Tui Shou and Pa Kua Chang Classes

Furthermore, training is always available at Liu He Men Kung Fu School in Amsterdam
through both private or general weekend classes with Sifu.
Sifu is in the process of purchasing & creating a training facility in Italy
where retreat styles classes will be taught both by himself & a variety of teachers invited from China