Pa Kua Chang

´The Power of Endless Changing`
this page was written & relevant as of Winter 2019-20
Pang Tze-Yau* Pa Kua Chang Course
* Pang as surname, Tze-Yau as first name; so, Master Pang, Tze-Yau’s form of  Pa Kua Chang
beginning Autumn 2020
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                        What is Pa Kua Chang  or Ba Gua Zhang   (Wikipedia link)
Pa Kua Chang is one of the three main Internal Martial Arts of Chinese Wu Shu.
The other two being T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Xing Yi Quan

Xing Yi Quan is the most aggressive of these arts, with linear movements
and development of more raw explosive internal power.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is the most complex in terms of philosophy, directionality,
theory of movement & variety of fighting technique. It is the most ´soft` of the three,
traditionally with most potential for Nei Gong Practice for the development of  inner force or power;

and Pa Kua Chang  is an interesting mix,
which most obviously combines fighting art with health cultivation.
Moving in a circular fashion
through the 8 directions ´of the Ba Gua ` ,
the movements are of a twisting & turning action, with a resulting ´torqueing` of the whole body.

These spiralling-torqueing movements create the possibility to generate,
store & then emit  enormous amounts of energy
(remembering that energy-power is stored in tendons, not muscles)
and has the effect of stretching all the muscle-tendons of the body,
massaging the length of the spine, CNS-PNS, plus all the internal organs of the body;
as well as directing vital energy into the deeper constitutional reserves to prevent ageing.

Totaling 64 movements, 8 movements or postures in each direction,
hilosophically this is representative of the 64 Hexagrams in the I Ching

As these arts moved through history into more popular culture, including into the West,
both T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Pa Kua Chang have developed forms directed more, or even only, towards health.

In this course we are presenting a form of Pa Kua which was specifically developed for that purpose
to strengthen and develop all areas of one’s health in a very profound way;
and even stronger than that achievable with T’ai Chi Ch’uan Practice.

Under the direction of Sifu’s training
it will be combined with exercises for both meditation and inner cultivation
for the development of Nei Chi  or Inner Strength specifically directed towards
the regeneration of personal constitutional health
 (and please keep reading below …. )


Why practice this Internal Art ?
Pa Kua Chang practiced either as a Martial Art or as a Health Form
is quite unique in its health benefits to all systems of the body.
Health Benefits through the Practice of Pa Kua Chang !!


Martial Art or Health Art ?
Why this particular style from Pang Tze-Yau * ?
In its origin, Pa Kua Chang is obviously a Martial Art.


Master Pang , according to his more academic nature,
as he moved into the West developed this into
a more simple form directed to health.
(As did Cheng Man-Ch’ing in a similar fashion with the T’ai Chi Ch’uan Form)

This is the 8 Movements, one in each of the 8 Directions
(so only 8 movements, rather than 64 !!)

now know as Pang Tze-Yua Pa Kua Chang
or Master Pang’s Pa Kua Chang Form !!

We have chosen this form as most suited 
for the needs of my patients
and as an essential aspect of  Longevity Medicine


Who trains this ?
Is it for me ?
The uniqueness of this training system means it can benefit :

Sports people to become more agile, accurate and skilled in their own sport;
uniquely suited to skiers , in which the requirements of the body are so similar.
Martial Artists to improve their own art and co-ordination; esp. together with Push-Hands
Those who are unwell, weak, sick to improve their health
Those who are ageing to strengthen, re-strengthen and revitalise their Life Force
Those who suffer from weak emotionality, instability or mental insecurity to find more stability
Those who hold weight, are lethargic or weak in muscles to begin training ….. finding focus

Sifu has developed a special series of warm-up/stretching exercises,
specifically for the practice of this Pa Kua Form.


Why offer Pa Kua Chang & Pushing Hands Training together ?
Pa Kua Chang brings training, fitness, health, well-being, positivity;
dynamic movement,  technique, suppleness, speed, agility.
´One develops presence, attention, alertness and proprioception`. 

Pushing-Hands Training gives awareness of self to others & environment;
interaction, self-defence, confidence, spontaneity in action & reaction.
´It becomes the application of learnt movement from the autonomic nervous system to the outer world;
at higher levels of Ch’i attainment inner force can be emitted` 


Master TY Pang Pa Kua Chang Form
Extra-ordinarily young looking  and quite ethereal !! 
One can see it is of 8 movements & more health orientated
Honolulu 1974, age 41 !!
And demonstration of T’ai Chi Ch’uan Form !!
Amsterdam 2009, age 76 !!

Sifu Henny Eleonora
shows some basic movements,
his extra-ordinary agility & suppleness age 55 !!
Tai Chi Chuan Class December 2019, Örebro

The Teacher
Henny Eleonora

Wu Shu Competition
City of Tai Ji, Chenjiagou, China October 2019
This is a competition of the best practitioners from whole of China.
It is rare, or unknown, to allow Westerner’s to enter the competition
Sifu won both of the groups
in which he competed (over 50’s)
Liu CaiChen Wu Family Fast Form
Wu Style Tai Chi Lance (Long Spear) Form

The Lineage
Master Pang, Tze-Yau *
Master TY Pang Bio
Pang, Tze-Yau Pa Kua Chang Lineage
*(Pang, Chinese surname is written first; Tze-Yau is first name)

Course Meetings
Beginning 15 – 16 February 2020
5 weekends once each month
Saturdays    15.30 – 17.30 *
Sundays      14.00 – 16.00 *
*This training is intensive, we take breaks as necessary!!

Dates: 15-6/2; 14-15/3; 18-19/4; 16-17/5; 13-14/6. 

You will learn the whole of the form in those 10 sessions !!
with possibility for continuation and deepening in Autumn
Video of the movements learnt is posted after each class for home study !!

Pa Kua Chang                             5 Meetings                             3 000:-
Pushing Hands                           5 Meetings                              1 500:-
Pa Kua + Push Hands              5 + 5 Meetings                           4 000:-

Danssal, Campusgymmet
Örebro University

Registration & Payment Details
Strictly Limited Space 
But welcome to come together with a partner !!

Connection to my work in Longevity Medicine
As I move into the Autumn period of my own life
and after 30 plus years of the study and practice of medicine.
My interest and work move into a different form of medicine:
those of maintenance & deeper resolution,  rather than prevention & healing

Together with the needs for regularity in daily habits,
peace of mind, purpose of life, together with a deeper insight into oneself
a body-mind which is not only healthy,
but is able to still maintain itself, re-nourish itself and even re-generate itself
is an essential for the continuation of  vitality with ageing.

This is what is known as Longevity in Chinese Culture & Daoist Medicine
This is what the regular practice of the ´Internal Health Arts` help to achieve.
Please take time to read this short dialogue thoroughly 
Medicine as maintenance for health & well being

And book a consultation today !!

Commitment from Sifu Eleonora
Sifu is committed to making regular visits for the continued development of the group
and in order to pass over these arts to students.
The Liu Caichen Wu Tai Chi Chuan group will continue  on a monthly basis through 2020 & 2021,
so as will the Tui Shou and Pa Kua Chang Classes

Furthermore, training is always available at Liu He Men Kung Fu School in Amsterdam
through both private or general weekend classes with Sifu.
Sifu is in the process of purchasing & creating a training facility in Italy
where retreat styles classes will be taught both by himself & a variety of teachers invited from China