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The purpose of these writings is to support your possibility
to think about your own life and well-being
So, please read and then think …… and make up your own mind and approach,
live from out of that space, not that of anybody else

Special PDF Downloads    you are welcome to download for your own usage !
24 Solar Periods + Seasonal Qi
Pathways to Health I :  on Digestion, Jook-Porridge, & etc.
Usage of Gems and Stones in CM  
Making a Gemstone Elixir Formula 

May 2021
05/21      Simplicity of Creating Health from a Daoist Perspective       Waiting to be completed !!
05/21      Importance of Jook as a Daily Food       Waiting to be completed !!
05/21      Seasonal Weather Changes 2021       Awaiting upload !!

March  2021
31/03/21    Next step to a new dietary normalcy !!New !!
30/03/21     Ideas for a Jook based meal       New !!
30/03/21     Butter as Preventative Medicine against Wind      New !!
24/03/21    Spring Cleanse       New !!
24/03/21    Being Ready for Spring Cleanse      New !!
21/03/21    Preparation for Spring Cleansing       New !!
19/03/21    How to move into Spring, 2021       New !!

January  2021
25/01/21    COVID-19, Winter Time & When is it all over ?      

December 2020
06/12/20       Qualifying some details of the course ´Health, Longevity, Immortality`   New
05/12/20       Whether the weather of this year is (totally) due to global warming      New

November 2020
28/11/20        Advancement, Perseverance, Success : Details of  Activities for 2020   New
28/11/20       Abrupt Change in Weather Nov 2020 : Change your habits & do not get cold !!    New

24/11/20      COVID-19 Update. And why just now this is the most dangerous time   New
03/11/20       How to keep healthy during these times of changeable weather.
xxxxxxxxxx   On daily walking, porridge &    next years weather prognosis
01/11/20      Updates Orientalisk Medicin Praktik October 2020

October 2020
30/10/20      Supporting Immunity in Damp-Cold Weather  : The nature of COVID;  English Breakfast

Spring 2020 
A record of my reaction and treatment approach to Corona Virus
With time, I will translate the numerous Facebook posts into PDF’s so that there is a record
of my insights, treatments and treatment approaches to this viral pandemic situation.


       Daoist-Doc 🐉⚡️💜⚡️🐉 
         ´Stay Chill, Become Free`
        Chang Xuan Ren  暢玄人