Why T’ai Chi ?

Why choose the practice of  T’ai Chi Ch’uan  ?

The Daoists are the  carriers of the wisdom
of  health, longevity and immortality within the world 

T’ai Chi Ch’uanwhen taught and practiced correctly, is the  health art
to create health and well-being for any age :  but especially as you age.

An enormous benefit to physical health & vitality,
practice also creates emotional well-being & calm,
together with  mental clarity & stability

Once you have learnt the form, and practice correctly,
30 – 40 minutes daily practice will open up
the possibility for prolonged good health –  indefinitely
Well, actually the possibility to become stronger as you age !!

See this video of  T.Y.Pang, (Sifu’s father-in-law)
showing his Yang Style Tai Chi  in  Amsterdam 2009.
He is aged 76 !!
(and do not miss the Ba Gua Form at the end …)

Study from Harvard Medical School
on the encompassing benefits

on all areas of health
from daily practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan Form
Download free PDF copy of this informative book

What about Qi Gong  ?
Originally known as  Dao Yin 導引

Qi Gong 氣功  translates as exercise with Qi = the breathing,
and is the basis for the practice of the T’ai Chi Form

Why this particular form ?
It is suitable for all ages and states of wellness

Its movements, stances and focus on internal power
make it particular amenable for those of a heavier, more sturdy build;
as well as for the specific needs of those older in age or unwell

It is not uncommon that elder & sick practitioners show signs of
regeneration of both physical and mental health


Traditional Approach to Teaching
is nurturing of the individual energies

Once the form is learnt, and refinement begins,
the teacher gives individual guidance to each student
based upon their ´constitution` :
the bodily form, manner of movement, embodied tensions,
even temperament, emotionality & personal stresses.

This is the original way of the masters,
the great practitioner-teachers of the past;

Finding yourself
T’ai Chi Ch’uan  is a practical expression
of the philosophy of Daoism

The central essence of Daoist practice
is to drop away ´that which is not you`

Allowing, without effort,
that person whom is naturally you
to appear from inside

  The Self in Practice
´Finding a piece of wood in the forest
as one cleans & sands, gently, 

both its fineness from the patterned grain
and its character from the knots & burls
are uncovered through your work`

Philosophically, we use these terms

´uncovering or returning something to its original nature`

Wu Wei   無爲
´without intention or effort, there is movement with purpose`
´letting go of desire from spirit, there is achievement`
´without convolution of mind, there is fulfillment`

Ziran   自然
´ happening of itself, spontaneously, freely, in a natural way `

Gong Fu   功夫
´  through the effort of practice, of repeating`
´habit is made, Qi is formed, body changes, heart-mind transforms`

You are welcomed as you are, however you are
No matter if you are
sick/healthy,  trained/untrained
fat/thin, tall/short,
rich/poor (our course is super cheap ..)
young/old, happy/sad/lonely ?

In Daoism, in our practice of T’ai Chi  太極
there is no concern to judge or change any of those.
There is no fixed way to be,
no perfect way of health suited to all,
no model, ideal image or appearance.

There is you,
your own personality,
your own physique and constitution,
your own unique way of being.
Each of which will gradually come forward,
brought out by the movements of the form
and the guidance of the teacher

You are right here,

even if you didn’t realise it yet !!

Our practice ?
Stand-up!  Breath! Be present!
Learning to move slowly & gracefully,
gradually you become yourself

Awakening the innate, natural
inner strength, vitality & self-healing
which lies latent inside