What about Qi Gong  ?

Originally known as  Dao Yin  導引

Qi Gong   氣功   translates simply as 
exercise with Qi
   or   with the breathing

and is the basis for the practice of
T’ai Chi Ch’uan     太極拳      The Tai Chi Form

The first exercises taught  are the basic breathing techniques;
as ones practice matures one differentiates between breathing & intention;
later one will learn the techniques associated with Nei Gong 內功   Internal Alchemy

Dao Yin 導引
Exercises for the art of body harmony & relaxation`
originally encompassed not only breathing,
but also stretching;
as well as external and internal alchemy :
´attuning with seasonal and cosmological forces 
and gathering and harmonising those 
to strengthen and empower internally`.