´to become a carpenter?´

Suggested the wife of one of my friends.
(first draft, needs a little extra work for completion)

To which I needed to reply: ´Well actually no!!`.

´After 6 years of study with Dr Yuen, with almost monthly trips to USA, I decided to take a couple of sabbatical years.
My idea being that working with wood, a natural material, would create a suitable focus of grounding ,
leaving my mind free to consider the deeper philosophical and existential aspects of his teachings. 

Learning and application of knowledge – concepts and ideas is one activity;
that of a deeper comprehension to engender shifts in personal consciousness
– the rearrangement of the basic cognition of one’s life through realisations
after being in the presence of a sage-immortal is another.
One that asks for a much different level of contemplation.

In respect of the handicraft,  my pursuit is in the awakening of beauty.

Firstly as the appreciation & application
of the view common within Asian Art:

that human life is an aspect of nature,
an expression manifest of our concept of Tian-Di-Ren.

In nature landscapes, the human figure is
most usually seen in a smaller diminutive scale,

rather than a large predominate form,
proportioned accordingly to the dynamics
of the environments of the Earth and Heavens around.

How can I as the artist-artisan find my own position,
my own guise as he whom is so insignificant,
but at the same time the creator of something
of possible  beauty,
–  or at least of curiosity in form.

Secondly, I aspire to understand through the moulding of form
the concepts of dimensions, space & time.
First, second, third dimensions :  Length, Height, Depth
moving from one axis, to a second and then a third.

Forms, shapes, measurements, proportions
Yes, I need to begin slowly, using wood as my medium,
the learning of the tools, the skills and the craft.
I truly am an unskilled beginner

But then, the fourth and fifth ? 
moving into those axis of time-space.
For myself, appreciating those concepts
that involve the human experience,
subjectivity of sensibility ? 

The fourth ?
The transcendence of physical space
moving from identification of form 

into the ideas of time

still forming

words …

And then the fifth ?
The transcendence of time ?
So that the mind-consciousness of the creator
is experienced within or through the object.

One experiences a sense of presence of the artist
as a radiation or resonance,
the object itself a vehicle for his  spirit of creativity
in whichever time or place
you and the objet d’art  find themselves.


And, of course, in pursuit of Daoist Cultivation
the application of philosophy:   Pu   
´uncovering or returning something to its original nature`

Wood is the perfect medium and material;
as one takes that which is raw, from & of nature,
and with attention and care draws forth its original design,
both of flowing grains and of gnarly knots and burls


So, No !!
I am not going to Folkhögskolan at age 60
because I need to learn a new skill as a second career
or so that I can ´come and do some carpentry for you`

I am attending the course as a path of cultivation into worlds unknown,
investigations within myself and into form and art and craftsmanship !