The Ching

# 1 Qian : 
Heaven over Heaven
from within Emptiness
The Creative Principle offers opportunity
* Wilhelm:  Ch’ien – The Creative

to becoming Human
to becoming more humane
to becoming more of a Human
to becoming truly Human
to becoming a True Human


 Zhen Ren  真人
an authentic Human

# 2 Kun : Responding 
Earth over Earth
being attentively aware
there is Response
The Receptive Principle offers direction
Wilhelm:  Kun – The Receptive

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
Life really does begin with age!
Or  rather, gives the chance
to begin again
then once again,
and then once again.

It is only now
approaching the autumn season
that I begin to know

Wisdom …..  insight  …..  knowing
could not take form before

And now ..
a hundred new lives
each with a hundred new possibilities

# 3 Zhun : Beginning 
Thunder below Cloud
latent potential
encounters resistance

resolute in purpose, meaning is engendered 
 *  Wilhelm: Chun – Difficulty at the Beginning

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
In movement, there is uncertainty,
indecision, a sense of withdrawal 

Reality exists in the moment.
Teachings of the nature of existence,
by their very character,
cannot be written.

In the presentation of a Blog,
with purpose to engender conscious well-being,
being in written form,
surely this could be counter to its purpose ?

The Ching advises:
With indecision :  Do not proceed!  Wait!
In waiting, the path presents (itself)

# 4 Meng : Childhood

Mountain above, Stream flows below
Ignorance of youth!
Wisdom of youth!
Now knowing
I cease instruction
to foster is to follow
*  Wilhelm: Youthful Folly /  Blofeld: Immaturity

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
Meeting the master, I am but as a child
it is mere youthful folly to aspire more
what further harm, confusion might I bring ?

I am not of character refined as Jade;
but of roughly tumbled Agate, as Onyx
edges polished still rough, unrefined within

There is not clarity, as a precious gem,
reflecting light of Shen-consciousness,  
as the one who sits before me

but turbidity of sight,
at best a hue or haze of purple rain,
a vague merging of the Red & Black

appeal the gods of destiny
True cultivation must begin!

The simple still awaits,
as patterns of the uncarved,
lest the authentic will become unfound

# 5 Song : Needing -> Patience
Clouds gather above, Heaven in waiting
The gods of destiny speak
Determination of purpose!
The tablet awaits to be written.

Patience is my virtue,
correctness my character.

*  Wilhelm: Waiting /  Blofeld: Calculated Inaction

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
´Return !`
The simple still awaits,
as patterns of the uncarved,
lest the authentic will become unfound!
The Gods once again admonish !

# 6 Song : Contention
Heaven above rises, Water flows below
Indecision fallows uncertainty
Dignity of being within the populous ?
Visions of destiny within the tumultuous ?
Inertia stifles
I must seek counsel within
*  Wilhelm: Conflict /  Blofeld: Conflict

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
In settling, disillusionment devours,
almost to my core.
These years of years
have they been lived within a dream
as a dream ?

thought to be of bonded brothers
become like mists
Still mere boys
prey to the darkest caverns of deceit
only the female soul can know,
only the female soul could even consider to impale
upon another.

Devoid of any cognisance,
as that immature girl-child
who knows only spiteful envy as loving care,
only grabbing jealousy as bonding love.

So are those female ´matriarchs` of Sweden.
Truly, truly a warning bellows to all corners of all worlds!!
´Return !`
This time as threatening rebuke!!
All the Gods of Heaven now insist


# 7 Shi : Multitude : The Teacher ? 
Earth above, contains Water below
Being present denotes attainment
not clearness of contemplation
but a deeper forming,
as sense of presence,
of presiding over self
Alertness as obedient curiosity
*  Wilhelm: Army/  Blofeld: Army

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
In this aloneness loneliness
as icy cold biting
not like wind
but deeper as gnawing fangs

Some inner words, sentences …
the Gods beginning guidance ?

The aloneness
not as my bride, of previous times
but as refuge
from habits of worldly tumults

A refuge of remaining
as treading water
capsized within the ocean

And now
with openness
not of despair nor of hope
but rather alignment
to any utterances from those gods

 *  All titles according to Alfred Huang : ´The Complete I Ching`