Traditional Approach to Teaching

is nurturing the Individual

The idea one has of learning a form, such as T’ai Chi, is very probably that it is a structure,
a series of interconnected moving poses which are very clearly defined
and which are to be learnt as a smooth, but choreographed dance;
the same movements for all.

This is true as one learns the form as a series of movements
by mimicking the motions of the teacher;

the first 18 – 24 months of the training.
as the body forms a natural, kinesthetic memory 

However,  once this is learnt,
the teacher guides the student as an individual.

The movements are to be seen more as a template
for identification with ones body: 
its muscular systems and movements
the posture and holding of oneself,
the relationship with self and the emotionality held
the relationship with other and the outer world.

As one familiarises one self with the flow of movements,
and the teacher with your own interpretation of those movements,
he will understand your ´constitution` : 
your bodily form, manner of movement, embodied tensions,
and even your temperament, emotionality and personal stresses.

From these he will give personal instruction
upon each movement
step by step
guiding your body-mind-spirit
into the correct alignment
(within Heaven and Earth : remember Tian Di Ren & being a Zhen Ren ?)

The T’ai Chi form was always originally taught in this manner
by the masters, the great practitioner-teachers.
A simple template of movements
adapted to the bodily constitution & temperament
of each individual student .