On Daoism

Daoism is based upon two concepts

Shen  神

The Three Realms of Existence 
  Tian 天       Di 地       Ren 
Heaven      Earth      Human

It is a philosophy, rather than a religion; best described as:

´an existential, phenomenological philosophy
of  ´mind`  or  ´spirit-mind`  or  ´cognition-consciousness` 
arising from human awareness observing
itself  within the realms of Heaven and Earth`
(the, rather clumsy, words being mine)

It deals with the nature of existence
that which is knowable as ´the cognitive`
& that which is hidden as ´the mystery`

It is a philosophy of no philosophy

Being based upon the concept of  Shen Consciousness,
it states that the more real state of the mind
is that of  Xu  虛  Emptiness :
the state of freedom from conceptual ideas,
from the conceptualised mind

Resting in this state of ´emptiness of mind`
cultivation can begin
this is the beginning stages of meditation
or internal alchemy

Note: There are still some erroneous ideas that Daoism is about yin/yang & ……