Longevity Medicine 2 not shown

The maintenance of health and well-being with ageing
more details coming later; these are just some initial ideas

Virtues of Human Existence

Shen  神                     Qi 氣                     Jing  精 

Spirit-consciousness                Mind-Identity             Constitution-Destiny

Levels of Bodily Function

 氣                         Blood 血                        Jing 精 
   Activity-Function          Substance-Nourishment            Form-Constitution

At each stage of life, at each marker of change & maturity
there is a different function, a different quality, a different resonance
for each of these Virtues and for each of these Levels.

The corollary is that there is
a distinctively different approach to treatment 
at each stage of life,
but also for each of these at each stage of life

Furthermore, the diagnosis
and the palpation (of the pulses)  for each stage is different,
as is the interpretation of the information
that each of those investigations gather.

As a simple example, in all medical traditions
there is an, obvious, difference in the management of
infants to children to adults to elderly.

However, in the Classical Chinese Medicine Model
this is even more delineated,
firstly between women and men,
and then according to distinctive cycles of maturing.

Classically, in Chinese cultural,
these were respectively of 7 and 8 years in length;
in modern practice, according to the varied influences
of the differing norms of societies, cultures & modernity
these are seen as markers, or stages of change

As I move into the change of approach in my practice,
from healing of sickness into maintenance for longevity;
than also my own methods of diagnosis,
interpretations, treatment strategies, modalities and techniques
also need to adapt, transform and mature.