´to temporarily abide in a dwelling `

# 7 Shi : Multitude : the Teacher ?
Earth above, contains Water below
Being present denotes attainment
not clearness of contemplation
but a deeper forming,
as sense of presence,
of presiding over self
Alertness as obedient curiosity
*  Wilhelm: Army /  Blofeld: Army

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
In this aloneness loneliness
as icy cold biting
not like wind
but deeper as gnawing fangs

Some inner words, sentences …
the Gods beginning guidance ?

The aloneness
not as my bride, of previous times
but as refuge
from habits of worldly tumults

A refuge of remaining
as treading water
capsized within the ocean

And now
with openness
not of despair nor of hope
but rather alignment
to any utterances from those gods