to be more human and humane

.. or the strivings to becoming a Zhen Ren 真人  an authentic human being

The basis of Daoist practice
is a life of cultivation of  Shen 神, Qi 氣, Jing /
simply translated as Spirit/Mind/Body.

Human life is seen to be experienced through
Shen 神 : spirit-consciousness-cognition-awareness
and one engages in action through
Heart-mind : faculties of mind, virtue & humanity

(note: not acting separately; which would be seen as pathology).

The implication is that one finds or uncovers what it is to be
human / a human / humane / in human life / experience as a human being
´through cultivation
`, through ´dropping away` and ´refining`.

There is a sense of returning to or revealing the true or authentic nature
of a more original state of human experience.

The term used in Daoism is  Zhen Ren 真人
´an authentic human being` .
The character 人  Ren  means Human;
the character  真   Zhen implies being true or genuine.

That is a human being who has ´returned to their own nature`
or an original nature beyond the constraints of Heaven & Earth;
That is not being false, superficial or  outward,
and being able to transcend ordinary ways of living,
such as caught in conceptual thought & the bindings of the physical body

Allowing one to be, or returning one into
a ´fully` developed state of awareness,
integration and harmony with existence.

´authentic to a more original way of being in human life `
(All my words & clumsy explanations)

As the heading for my website
I am using the rather poor translation of  ´truly human` :
so my ´journey to become truly human`
or some kind of path to understand
what it is to be an ´authentic human being`

… and then maybe get a glimpse of how that experience would be;

with great thanks to such beings as Jeffrey Yuen,
through whom I have had a chance to sense how it is to live as such a presence;

and this gives the possibility to somehow work out how I might edge towards
just a little bit more of that
as the way of being in my own daily life.

Just maybe ….