Health, Longevity & Immortality according to Daoist Lineages

Health & well-being
is understood as not being sick.
You have health & vitality to achieve as you wish.
No coughs, colds, allergies, headaches, back pains, menstrual issues etc…
You have health each and every day.
You are simply never, or very very rarely sick or tired.

Longevity implies prolonging that state of health, of not being sick, as you age.
You maintain health & well-being with a clear & positive mind;
and you have energy to live your life as you wish.
You have the possibility to slow down ageing.

Immortality is the realisation, understanding & subsequent fulfillment of your life’s purpose.
You acknowledge the awakening of your soul into this life,
all events & happenings during the years and your forthcoming death.

comprehending the respective meaning
of each stage of your life,

you are at peace with yourself.

You are content with the legacy of that life that you now leave to others.