journey to become truly human

This is a rather bad translation of the Chinese  Zhen Ren 真人The character   Ren  means Human;    Zhen implies being true or correct; …
So the implication is that ´through cultivation` , through ´dropping away`  and ´refining`  one returns to or reveals the true or authentic nature of what it is to be of human life.
Furthermore, there is the idea that this cultivation is of  Shen  Spirit-consciousness, and Xin    Heart-mind; transformation of  the psycho-spiritual realms of cognition, identity and self-identity.**
But with the assumption that the necessitated refinement and transformation of  the emotio-somatic (the body) and psycho-mental (ego-identity-mind) realms have already been completed. And these as the foundations for being able to achieve in the more subtle psycho-spiritual realms (Xin and then Shen).
**(Remembering that Daoism is essentially an existentialphenomenological philosophy of ´mind` ,´spirit-mind` or ´cognition-consciousness`  arising from human awareness observing itself within the realms of  Tian    Heaven and Di    Earth).