Importance of Preservation

There is a transportation, securing and preserving of many, if not all, of the ancient & traditional Chinese Cultural Knowledge, Skills and Arts to Western countries during these times. This is for obvious reasons from the history of China of the last century, as of those intensive social changes of present times.
It is a time in which there is not only the revival of the study of traditional classical texts in the West (e.g. in Chinese Medicine), but also the opening of the minds and hearts of those ageing and dying masters in China.
Aware that their skills will soon be lost and still with (a warranted) fear of persecution if they show them too brazenly or gather students, they share their knowledge to those (westerners) whom they deem capable and worthy to take their transmission.
Such a person, a figure-head , is found in Henny Eleonora within the world of traditional Chinese Martial Arts: