Discussion on Diagnosis of COVID-19 by the Pulses in Chinese Medicine

´Why I am able to diagnose (and treat you) before the disease is a disease,
and you and your Western doctor will never know about this`

I realised that there can be some confusion due to the differing approaches of these diagnoses.
What they are actually reading and then stating what it is ´to have the virus`.

In Chinese Medicine there is the concept of the immaterial and the material.
The Qi :   ´that which is felt, (or sensed) , but not seen`
The Substances: as Jing, Blood & Fluids: ´that which is seen; but not sensed`.

With the understanding that Qi is the ground matrix of all being,
the underlying realm of both energetic worlds and physical substances alike.

Pulse diagnosis is based on reading or ´listening` to the Qi of the 36 pulses:
depth, strength, movement, qualities – subtle and gross alike;
giving an extremely comprehensive insight into all aspects of the bodily functioning.
One can understand the doctor is reading a level ´behind`  or  ´inside`   the physical realm of the body.

The skilled doctor is able to detect all stages of a disease process from the original initiation, when there might be no symptoms sensed by the patient; through to the beginning stages of unwellness; through to the manifestation of symptoms; and the outplay of the illness into the body.

It is not uncommon for me to find that a patient is already in the beginning stages
of an illness, to which I will inform them during our first meeting :
1, 2, 3, 5, 10 years prior to the showing of Cancerous Activity,
Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Arthritis and so forth.

A typical, more readily understandable example could be such :
Stomach pains from which the patient periodically suffers,
though all tests by the western science show that ´nothing is wrong`.
Pulse diagnosis, however, clearly shows ´tension in the energy
of the Stomach, due to emotional stress`.

Without treatment, this progressively worsens becoming ´acid stomach`
or an even a further stage of development manifesting as an ulcer of the stomach.
Both which are discernible by yourself and also now able to be diagnosed
by the theory and methods of the Western doctor; plus prescription of medicines.

Diagnosis of COVID-19
Diagnosis of COVID-19 in Western Medicine will be through substance,
obviously, as it the realm of matter through which science relates.
An RNA test for the COVID-19 proteins on cells from the nasal mucosa
to confirm if  ´you have the virus or not` , with the implication you are contagious to others.

This is only showing when you have already contracted disease, possibly already very sick.
The symptoms severe enough to warrant inception by the medical authorities.

Diagnosis by Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis will immediately show me
a) the present state of your own immunity
b)  if the virus is about to enter your body, e.g. in the next few days
c) if it is within you or not; though you might be asymptomatic
d) whether you are contagious; and how much you are contagious to others
d) how long it has been there, plus what stage of its development has it reached
e) how long you can expect to be inflicted; plus recovery time
f) if you have already or are in the process of making the anti-bodies

Such diagnosis takes me 2 minutes to achieve
I am then able to readily address each of those health situations
with either direct treatment and/or Herbal Preparations

     Please honour the integrity of this work            Xuan Miao Ren 玄妙人       


I am gradually becoming more busy, with more patients who are more unwell presenting to me.


Light sickness easier to treat than heavier.

You must have a personal strategy for supporting your immunity;
realising that you will need to be infected by the virus at some stage to create immunity.
Very possibly you need support for that, even if you are not in one of the ´risk groups`.


I have now met and treated enough patients in various stages of the disease to be sure of my diagnosis and to be confident that my treatment strategies are effective and working.

I had understood this myself from my own meeting with patients; at the same time found it was following the theory and advices suggested by colleagues in USA, & respectively China.

There is no concerning for infection, as I am quite diligent in cleaning
and am not meeting those who are severely contagious;

Though I am providing care for those who are rather unwell;

but not sick enough for the care of the medical authorities !!

Sifu won both of the groups

This is a competition of the best practitioners from whole of China.

Wu Shu Competition

Spirit / Mind / Body

Written thus, so they are understood as a continuum. In Chinese Medicine, apart from philosophically and conceptually being very different, there is not either a separation between them, nor a  sense of individuality of function.
Which is why I tend to use the (rather clumsy) terms of : spirit-consciousness or psycho-spiritual; psycho-emotional or mind-ego-identity, and emotio-somatic. Each of them, body mind spirit , are actually a combination of functions as psycho-energetic activity to enliven form. (!!)

muscular systems and movements

In the Chinese systems one understands, and experiences, the muscles as interconnected bands, rather than individual anatomical tissues which ´push and pull`.
They are long, comprehensive interwoven sheaths of movement. Chinese perception is one of function, rather than form; and remember that ´mind creates the world` – that which you hold in your consciousness will be both experience and formation of your body.
As you learn to move with bands of movement, rather than muscles, you body will actually take on a different form; you will have a different experience of movement and being in your body.

gnarly knots and burls


flowing grains

women and men

There is a distinctive difference in the energies of women and men in Classical Chinese Medicine. Women are seen to be more predominate in the energies of ´Constitutional blood` : substance for nourishment and form  ; and Men in that of  ´Vital Qi` :  functional energy and activity.
Thus, diagnosis, interpretation of findings and treatment (for all symptoms and diseases) will differ quite radically from one gender to the other. As it will for one ethnic group to another.
A fact to which Western Medical practice has not yet awoken !!