Development of my Activities within Oriental Medicine

Longevity Medicine

Medicine as maintenance for health & well being

 I have been in clinical practice in Örebro for more than 25 years

and have known many of my patients during all that time.

Previously, many were in their 30’s, 40’s , 50’s.
and now in their 50+, 60+, 70+ ….
Many are still with health & vigour,
but body and mind are ageing !!

As a response, as the needs of my  patients and the population changes,
I am making a major shift in my activities within Oriental Medicine.

Moving away from the practice of ´medicine as healing sickness`,
and into ´medicine as maintenance for health and well being`.

This is ´Longevity Medicine`
a central aspect of my extensive studies
with Jeffrey Yuen
during the last 10 years of travels to USA.

Many of us are healthy and strong,
with life lengths easily toward 100 plus.
being now aged 65ish ? one will expect to have 25 more years of solid vigour.
This is time enough for another lifetime of experiences !!

The medical dialogue is
´how to maintain optimal health, in body & mind, for as long as possible`
That implies to age more slowly,
even intending to retain a stability of body and mind upto & with death
Even  being able to ´let go` or choosing the time to go forward
(hmm… we better take those discussions & practices later …)

In my clinical practice, this new focus 
upon ´Longevity Medicine` entails two aspects:

1)   The Usage of Other Modalities
suited to stabilising the bodies vitality and functions;
such as Patent Herbal RemediesCongee (Healing Porridges),
Essential Oil Blends and  Gemstone Elixirs.

together with an adaption of clinical work: 
A different approach to acupuncture treatment,
directed more to nourishing & retaining of Constitutional Energies
a broader usage of the understanding of
´Constitution,Constitutional Energies & Destiny`

according to  Ba Zi  八字  Chinese Astronomy / Astrology
which includes the prediction & timing
of the arising & worsening of illnesses, as well as death

2)  Methods of Cultivation & Exercise
Daoist practices are based upon strengthening or refining of
San Bao 三寶  The Three Treasures
simply translated as Spirit / Mind / Body
Shen  神       Qi 氣       Jing

There are specific exercises for each of these aspects of human life.
However, as Daoism has a body-based approach to health,
the cultivation will begin with the physical health,
creating a foundation upon which to build.

Once this becomes reformed, stabilised & refined
attention is turned to the realm of  the Qi :
the psycho-emotional functions of
´mind / mental function / identity / ego` 
and so forth ..

In regards to physical health and well-being,
one is primarily seeking to be in harmony with the seasons.
Remembering that one of the basic concepts or themes
is that human life is one aspect of the´Three Realms`;
That aspect of the life which arises between Heaven and Earth;
thus is both formed and at the affect of those forces.

According to Chapter 2 of Huang Di Nei Ching 黃帝內經
The Inner Classic of Medicine

one attends to this by seasonally changing habits
such as (and in this order)
Activity, Sleeping-Awaking
Inner Emotional Being
Demeanour &  Behaviour
Clothing & Attire
Breathing and Exercise
Food & Diet
( including sexual activity, the importance of lingerie & drinking whisky ….. ) 
and so forth …

And as Chinese Culture developed each of these
became an area of specialised study & skill within itself,
refined and developed through centuries
by countless dedicated ´practitioner-researchers`.

How can you be involved ?

Personalised advices & instructions concerning
Daily Habits of Activity, Sleeping, Behaviour, Diet etc.
are offered to patients during Consultations.

And I plan to begin a series of Experiential Workshops
as a pathway to self-transformation in 2020/21
based upon such Daoist methods and medicines

Traditional Chinese Training & Exercise
As a major adjunct to my medical & supportive work,
I wish to offer a more specific & speciliased form of training.

In this regard, I have invited a good friend and teacher,
Sifu Henny Eleonora
to teach an old & traditional exercise art:
Wu Family T’ai Chi Ch’uan
and please also read: Why T’ai Chi ?

As I develop my work, it will be a prerequisite
that patients on my Longevity Program
will be practicing an art supportive of health:
T’ai Chi Chuan, suitable Yoga, etc.
Please join now !!