The Ching

# 1 Qian : 
Heaven over Heaven
from within Emptiness
The Creative Principle offers opportunity
* Wilhelm:  Ch’ien – The Creative

# 2 Kun : Responding 
Earth over Earth
being attentively aware
there is Response
The Receptive Principle offers direction
Wilhelm:  Kun – The Receptive

# 3 Zhun : Beginning 
Thunder below Cloud
latent potential
encounters resistance

resolute in purpose, meaning is engendered 
 *  Wilhelm: Chun – Difficulty at the Beginning

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
In movement, there is uncertainty,
indecision, a sense of withdrawal 

Reality exists in the moment.
Teachings of the nature of existence,
by their very character,
cannot be written.

In the presentation of a Blog,
with purpose to engender conscious well-being,
being in written form,
surely this could be counter to its purpose ?

The Ching advises:
With indecision :  Do not proceed!  Wait!
In waiting, the path presents (itself)

# 4 Meng : Childhood

Mountain above, Stream flows below
Ignorance of youth!
Wisdom of youth!
Now knowing
I cease instruction
to foster is to follow
*  Wilhelm: Youthful Folly /  Blofeld: Immaturity

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
Meeting the master, I am but as a child
it is mere youthful folly to aspire more
what further harm, confusion might I bring ?

I am not of character refined as Jade;
but of roughly tumbled Agate, as Onyx
edges polished still rough, unrefined within

There is not clarity, as a precious gem,
reflecting light of Shen-consciousness,  
as the one who sits before me

but turbidity of sight,
at best a hue or haze of purple rain,
a vague merging of the Red & Black

appeal the gods of destiny
True cultivation must begin!

The simple still awaits,
as patterns of the uncarved,
lest the authentic will become unfound

# 5 Xü : Needing -> Patience
Clouds gather above, Heaven in waiting
The gods of destiny speak
Determination of purpose!
The tablet awaits to be written.

Patience is my virtue,
correctness my character.

*  Wilhelm: Waiting /  Blofeld: Calculated Inaction

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
Mountain above, Stream flows below
Ignorance of youth!
Wisdom of youth!


 *  All titles according to Alfred Huang : ´The Complete I Ching`