Winter beckons, darkness calls

Within this silence, who am I ?
Maybe it is silence who is me

Sitting quietly, doing nothing
Spring comes, grass grows of itself

Sun bruises gently, harshly
water    wind
embraced    submerged    dissolved
re – formed

Summer Travel
Moon lingers
Sunrise merges
Earth turns
Cosmos breathes
The god’s delight

Summer Travel    Mornings
Moon lingers    waning
Sunrise merges      awakening
Earth turns     obedient
Cosmos breathes      naturally
The god’s delight     endlessly

Returning Home
Cloud’s mist
Heaven’s door
Whence I came
An invitation to return ?

Pain’s claws
Evil’s depths
Tear as darkness
A rebuke to humanity ?

A rebuke to my humanity

Darkening      Light
Cooling       Warmth
Evenings’      Shadows
Moisture in the morning