Chinese Medicine is based upon

the concept of 
Xin  心   Heart-mind

All manifestation is seen to arise originally
from Tian     the realm of Heaven,
just as planet Earth, and all the life upon it,
was formed from out of the Heaven’s.

Similarly, as  Tian     Di      Ren 
represent (rather loosely) Spirit / Mind / Body,
human existence is seen to arise from out of Spirit-Consciousness.

In Daoist practice, this is called Shen 神  Spirit-consciousness;
being one of the San Cao   三 寶  Three Powers
of  Shen 神   Qi  氣   Jing  精 
Spirit-Consciousness, Mind-Identity, Constitution-Body

In Chinese Medicine, this is called Xin 心  Heart-Mind,
the combination of
virtue-humanity with that of cognition-awareness.
which is
embodied, incarnated or ´housed` within the Jing 精
the vehicle of the genes, physical power & essence of the forefathers.

Heart and Mind
as virtue, humanity, cognition and mental faculty
cannot be separated.

One could maybe translate Xin 心  as
´level of cognitive consciousness`,
but implied that there is pursuant action
following the mental comprehension
according to and appropriate to those insights

For the understanding & practice of Chinese Medicine,
there are a number of  very important ideas which arise for this:

Being and body arise out of Mind, directed by Heart
Physical body and function are formed & developed by Mind, directed by Heart
Sickness arises out of Mind
Sickness is caused through disharmony in Xin 心 
Disharmony in Xin 心  is caused when ´Heart and Mind` are not aligned together

This means, in simple terms,
knowing something, 
being conscious of something,
but not following that which is in your Heart
your virtue, humanity, conscience

Following your own wishes,  seeking the pathway to your inner dreams,
leaving your partner, visiting your ageing parents

eating what is healthy, waking early to exercise ……

by becoming out of alignment within your knowing self
your actions not in tune with your understanding of your life
your Heart-Mind becomes out of step with your body

Xin 心  becomes out of tune with  Jing 精

you become disconnected 
to both your past and your future

the voices of your ancestors and the voice of your soul
both fate and destiny
your predestined possibilities

In Chinese Medicine, we call these
´The 9 Heart Pains
(link to a video Introduction by Jeffrey Yuen)
The struggles, strivings, yearnings and desires of life
which take you away from inner peace and presence,
from the knowing of who you are
and the purpose and meaning of your life

Chinese Medicine is based upon the concept of  
Xin   心   Heart-Mind
embodied through  Jing 精

Mind creates body and being, directed by Heart
Sickness arises from decisions taken within the Mind,
separating oneself from the knowing of the Heart