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Journeys to becoming Truly Human

Beginning slowly / material

We will begin slowly for it is a journey which will take some endurance,
some perserverance and have consequence according to application & effort

It is your pathway : Dao, whose nature is virtue of sincerity (to oneself) : De,
formed by effort of practice and habit : Gong.

First the period of one month,
learning habits for a basic cyle of one season

One season, of 3 months, becomes  one year
4 periods for structured form

3 years to  practice skills,
9 to complete our task

Please download this paper
                   24 Solar Periods  (no link yet)
Begin to familiarise yourself  with the dates
and  other information  you might glean from it

Using a notebook (rather than electronic form)
make a note  of any changes you notice in
the climate,  the weather, the air,
the ground, the animal life, vegetation
and, of course, the little people if they speak  to you

 The next period begins around 5th February
but could come a day or so before or after
Be more observant during that period

During that week more details will be given
related to one of the basic philosophies :
´The Three Realms of Existence`
Heaven, Earth and Humanity

and how one can understand those concepts directly
through the changes in seasonal climate & weather