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24 Solar Periods + Seasonal Qi
Pathways to Health I :  on Digestion, Jook-Porridge, & etc.

February  2021
xx/02/21      Realistic Thoughts on Civil Disobedience       Coming soon
xx/02/21      Understanding of Immunity & Infection in Chinese Medicine       Coming soon

xx/02/21       Do I treat COVID-19 ?   Well, been there, done that already this Spring.     Coming soon
xxxxxxxxxx   Details of my treatment strategy, usage of Patent Remedies + the skills needed to treat such virus

January  2021
25/01/21    COVID-19, Winter Time & When is it all over ?      New

December 2020
06/12/20       Qualifying some details of the course ´Health, Longevity, Immortality`   New
05/12/20       Whether the weather of this year is (totally) due to global warming      New

November 2020
28/11/20        Advancement, Perseverance, Success : Details of  Activities for 2020   New
28/11/20       Abrupt Change in Weather Nov 2020 : Change your habits & do not get cold !!    New

24/11/20      COVID-19 Update. And why just now this is the most dangerous time   New
03/11/20       How to keep healthy during these times of changeable weather.
xxxxxxxxxx   On daily walking, porridge &    next years weather prognosis
01/11/20      Updates Orientalisk Medicin Praktik October 2020

October 2020
30/10/20      Supporting Immunity in Damp-Cold Weather  : The nature of COVID;  English Breakfast

Spring 2020 
A record of my reaction and treatment approach to Corona Virus
With time, I will translate the numerous Facebook posts into PDF’s so that there is a record
of my insights, treatments and treatment approaches to this viral pandemic situation.


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