´Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown

The Master has Gone Awandering`

All activities are now closed in Sweden
Slow to reply to emails; smart phones are closed down.
You cannot believe how quiet and peaceful it is ;

as the 90’s, when a little more simplicity & sense directed the world

I move into the ´Autumn Phase`  of my life,
and very dearly wish to return to a more peaceful,
Daoist life style of cultivation for Longevity,
in nature and ´far from the madding crowds`

                 The Art of not Trying  (video link)
I do not agree exactly; but super clear presentation!


These years living amongst others.
I cannot believe what a total, utter mess it is,
this world of society created by human beings.
A surreal paradigm of selfishness and greed,
of self-orientated activities for personal gain and pleasure.

          Becoming Truly Human  (video link)
´Last minute of life, when it comes, when they die,
they are just bewildered`

Activities which might re-emerge in the future
Awaiting time, place and the space to take fruition

Pathways to Health
Longevity Medicine
Life Consultations
Internal Arts for Cultivation
Workshops for Personal Transformation

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