of the moment or of this moment (?)

The website is an ongoing dialogue of my strivings towards becoming more human & humane 
It is a continual work in process : updating ideas, adding articles, making small amendments,
sometimes more intensively, sometimes more sporadically

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Development of my Activities within Oriental Medicine
Longevity Medicine
Medicine as maintenance for health & well being

Changes in my Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

On Daoism
is based upon two concepts
Shen 神 Spirit-consciousness
Longevity Medicine
is the maintenance of health
& well-being with ageing ….

Chinese Medicine

is based upon the concept
of Xin 心 Heart-Mind ….

The Ching
# 7 Shi : Multitude : the Teacher ?
Earth above, contains Water below
Being present denotes …..
Tai Chi Chuan Course
Wu Family Style, 108-Movement
Beginning August 2019
The Journey
In this aloneness loneliness
as icy cold biting
not like wind …..
Beginning Autumn 2019
I will attend a two year course in
 Träslojd och Smide at Folkhögskola
´ to become a carpenter ?`