CLINIC IS OPEN from 01.04.20

for diagnosing and treatment of patients with COVID-19 **
according to the principles and practice of Chinese Medicine
Please read this page to realise there is 90% likelihood you presently have the disease
Some tips on Washing, Diet and General Health Maintenance during these times
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19.04.20    Supporting ImmunityChaga,  Pine Tar (Tjära), Essential Oils.
20.04.20     Successful treatment of my ´Patient Zero`
21.04.20     BLOGG:  My Journey with COVID-19
24.04.20  Dialogue for Practitioners
05.04.20     Discussion on Diagnosis of COVID-19 by the Pulses in Chinese Medicine

08.04.20  VIDEO: Efficiency of Chinese Medicine against COVID-19
05.04.20   Report from the Field
05.04.20      Please do not wait too long
03.04.20   Pine Tar Soaps (Tjärtvål) have arrived : Liquid, Shower, Hand.

                    Becoming Truly Human   (Video Link)
As sentient being I fear;
as doctor of Chinese Medicine, I am fearless;
as Daoist practitioner, I invite those fears unknown.

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Follow this journey plus a wide range of advice on my FBk Page  Xuan-Miao Ren

Clinic is open as usual :
Life Consultations; Health Consultations & Medical Treatments;
treatment and advices on Longevity Medicine
** Qualifier:  This is initially a diagnosis to ascertain in which stage of the infection you are presently:
pre-infection,  present light-but-latent infection, present  heavier-and -rather-unwell,  post-infection.
Remembering that the majority of the population will become infected during this coming year;
you must expect to get the infection. It is just a question of when and how severe it will be for you.

I offer treatment, advices and herbal medicines to address your present condition;
that is either to treat the infection within the body or to support immunity for future protection.
I have full training, knowledge and skill to treat and manage all the stages of such disease;
but am only taking upon myself those with lighter – medium infection.
And asking those who are more seriously unwell, to make contact with the other medical services;
though I am happy to make an initial diagnosis to help you understand whether it is serious or not.

Usual Activities 


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Autumn Period of Life

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Internal Arts for Cultivation
Workshops for Personal Transformation
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Development of Activities in Oriental Medicine
Longevity Medicine
Medicine as maintenance for health & well being
Pa Kua Chang Course
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Tai Chi Chuan Course
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