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´Moving into Autumn`
I am in the bigger process of shifting my activities within Oriental Medicine.
This is part due to the movement into my ´Autumn rhythm of a Daoist life`; and part that
I now feel able to offer something of a substantial & comprehensive nature to others.
This is after 30 years of clinical practice of Chinese medicine, plus
many accumulated years of combined study in a diverse range of related subjects.

I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to study some very unique teachings
with a small number of extra-ordinary and visionary teachers during those years.
And am now in the process of organising these studies into my own structured teachings,
the main focus of which will be on the ´The Science of Longevity`
that is the forming of  good health and well-being with ageing.

This will be a series of classes under the title of ´The Pathways to Longevity`.
Presented over a period of years, they direct an individual through these different stages
1) Sickness through to good health           1a) Levels of permanent well-being
2) Transformation of the self to enable Long Life
3) Alchemical Processes towards Longevity

Dependent upon the readiness and receptibility of the individual
this could be anything from 3 (= very unlikely) to 9  or many more  (= most likely) different steps,
from a possibility of 81 possible aspects which need to be put in place.
Each step taking from a moment of comprehension to some years to transform the self.

I will begin to offer these during 2021,
starting with a new website around the beginning of the
Chinese New Year of Xin Chou, Year of the Metal Ox !!


To present an approach to health & well-being, self-knowing & personal evolution
achieved through the investigation of self, inner contemplation & alchemical process
enabled by personal effort, own intelligence & daily cultivation
from a Daoist perspective

Beginnings of the new website; if there is a link, there’s opening to a page or article !

Daoist Medicine Clinic Philosophies of Medicine Teachings Offered
 Chinese Medicine Identified  Heaven, Earth, huManity  Pathways to Longevity:  3, 9 or 27 Steps ?
 Daoist Medicine  Shen: Consciousness – Cognition   
 The Modalities of Daoist Medicine  Inner Cultivation: Shen, Qi, Jing  Chinese Medicine Experience©   :  CME© 
 Life Consultations  Astronomy & Astrology: Wu Yun Liu Qi    
 Longevity Medicine  Rhythms or Markings within Life


and then the ´heavy duty` stuff Internal Arts Training Bloggs
 Medicines of Life & Soul  The Teacher & Lineages  Open Blogg
 Pregnancy & Incarnation  T’ai  Chi  Ch’uan  Private Blogg
 Death, Dying and towards the Light  Pa Kua Chang  Professional Blogg
 Emotions, Ghosts, Demons & Dialogues  Tui Shou : Pushing Hands  Information & Links


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