# 5 Xü : Needing -> Patience*

Clouds gather above, Heaven in waiting
The gods of destiny speak
Determination of purpose!
The tablet awaits to be written
Patience is my virtue,
correctness my character.
*  Wilhelm: Waiting /  Blofeld: Calculated Inaction

Beginning Autumn 2019
I will attend a two year course in
Träslojd och Smide at Vadstena Folkhögskola
 (Traditional Wood & Iron Handcraft at College)

I am unsure what follows,
but imagine that my soul will continue to seek

a greater diversity of experience.

Life really does begin with age!
Or  rather, gives the chance
to begin again
then once again,
and then once again.

It is only now
approaching the autumn phase

that I begin to know

Wisdom …..  insight  …..  knowing
could not take form before

And now ..
a hundred new lives

each with a hundred new possibilities

Journeys to becoming Truly Human
Meeting the master, I am but as a child
it is mere youthful folly to aspire more
what further harm, confusion might I bring ?

I am not of character refined as Jade;
but of roughly tumbled Agate, as Onyx
edges polished still rough, unrefined within

There is not clarity, as a precious gem,
reflecting light of Shen-consciousness,  
as the one who sits before me

but turbidity of sight,
at best a hue or haze of purple rain,
a vague merging of the Red & Black

´Retreat !`
appeal the gods of destiny
True cultivation must begin!

´Return !`
The simple still awaits,
as patterns of the uncarved,
lest the authentic will become unfound!